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How to send an order.

1   Identification: introduce your user name and password.

Welcome to your area as customer. From the main screen you can consult and copy earlier orders, change your tax details, change and add despatch addresses, and manage your user details.

2   In the lists of kits, lists of spare parts per kit and tables of standard spares you will find buttons with which you can add the articles you need to your order. To add a product, press on the shopping trolley.

The articles selected will be added progressively to the list of products in your order.

During the purchasing process you can see what is already in your order from the link available in the menu on the left.

When you have completed the list of products with the articles you need, press the button "Step 2".

3   In the second step you must choose one of your addresses for despatch. There is a link where you can add a despatch address if you need to.

Next you must select "Carriage paid included in the invoice" if you wish the transport cost to be included in the invoice, or "Carriage due" if you prefer to use your normal carrier at your own charge.

If you have chosen the option "Carriage paid included in the invoice" you need to choose one of the services available.

If you have chosen the option "Carriage due" please indicate the name of the carrier, the service that you wish and, optionally, your customer code with that carrier.

Optionally, you can specify the delivery date for your order, and also your purchase order reference.

Having completed the details of step 2 press on the button "Step 3".

4   In step 3 you can check all the details of your order sheet.

If all the details are correct you need to accept our general sales conditions and, finally, press the button “Confirm order”.

The message will confirm that the process has finished correctly and that your order is in progress.

Important: before closing the window of your navigator, you should check that your order has been confirmed. On closing the window, you end your session as user and you would have to introduce the list of products all over again.